No previous experience needed 

Team Co-ordinators

AVON does well because of its great reputation and fantastic value for money products, this means that AVON reps can easily succeed, providing they do the simple task of handing the AVON brochure to people. As a co-ordinator you, with our training and support, will be rewarded for both finding new reps and helping ’your’ reps become more successful and make more cash. No experience is needed as we will provide all the support you need. PLUS there is up to £11,750 of FIRST YEAR cash bonuses on top of your commissions.


Sales Leaders

We are particularly looking for trainee Sales Leaders, we are committed to working alongside these people both men and women to build a significant team of both reps and team co-ordinators. The training and backing of AVON a multi-billion pound international company with over 125 years of experience means anyone who puts in the effort can create a life changing income. I was truly amazed to discover and meet ordinary people who have built incomes well over £100,000 p.a. as independent AVON sales leaders.


Is it time you did something different to make your life better?

Working alongside AVON gives you an opportunity to redesign your life whether you’re a student or a pensioner, whether you’re a man or woman, whether you have a degree or no qualifications. ALL you need is the desire to make a difference and the discipline to put the effort in.  AVON is not a get rich quick business but it really does offer people a chance to earn extra money with the freedom to choose when and where you work.

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